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September 2022 - September 2023

PRESIDENT Charles Asmar, Esq.

VICE PRESIDENT Mary Lou Goehrung

SECRETARY Patrick Selwood, Esq.

TREASURER Cara Snyder McVie

  Elise M. Ambrose ♦ John F. Bean, Jr. ♦ Jane Kammer (Kammie) Bell

Anthony J. (Tony) Cancelosi ♦ Kathy Cornwell ♦ Connie LaRossa Fabiano

 Lenora Fuller-McCall ♦ D’Arcy G. Gallagher, Jr. ♦ Hannah Garagiola

Michael Latimer ♦ Tricia Lloyd ♦ Colleen Mahoney

Kimberly Manthei ♦ Jeannine Marino ♦ Brian E. McCagh

  Mary McCormick ♦ Michael A. Mitchell ♦ Joanna Pim

Gina M. Pryor ♦ Margaret (Meg) C. Slovenkay ♦ Colleen Williams    

Emeritus Members of Board of Directors

Elaine Baugham-Young   ♦  Mary Lou Kretschmer ♦ † Anne E. Schneiders, Esq.


Chief Executive Officer
Sister Nancy Downing, CND   
Vice President of Finance & Administration
Karen Gilroy
Vice President of Programs
Dr. Augustine Frazer
Vice President of Development
Susan Flaherty
Acting Director, Clinical and Social Work Services
Knina Harvey, LMSW
Director, Residential Programs
Jeanette Chittams
Director, Human Resources
Louise Cole
Director, Child Care Center
Monique Harper
Administrator of Contracts, Licensing and Special Projects 
Peggy Howard Gatewood