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A Collection of Stories from Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013, we asked the St. Ann's community to share why they support St. Ann's. Here are their stories: 

 “I support St. Ann’s because it is a place where miracles happen.”

Lynda Anderson

 "We support St. Ann's because it was our three children's first home. We adopted Kathleen, John and Jim from St. Ann's in 1954, 1955, and 1956, when they were very young. They were later joined in the family by six younger brothers and sisters."

Bill and Maureen Billerbeck

“I came to St. Ann’s as a volunteer in June 1997, helping in the children’s nursery. I knew about St. Ann’s long before 1997. My mother and I and use to attend the Open House Christmas Party. I later volunteered to help out at the Christmas Parties. I learned more about St. Ann’s while doing foster care for new born babies for Catholic Charities pre-adopt program. A few babies had to be taken back to St. Ann’s, when the mother decided to keep the baby. At that time I began to learn more about St. Ann’s. My husband, Paul, and I did foster care for about 5 years .In 1997 I began working as a volunteer at St. Ann’s in the St. Louise Nursery in the Children’s Residential Program. A few years later I started working in the downstairs Day Care in the morning with pre-school children. I am still working in that unit.

"St. Ann’s is very dear to me. I am currently on the Board of Directors doing what I can to promote St. Ann’s and support them in any way I can. I consider being on the Board a privilege, which has provided me an opportunity to work with other people, who love St. Ann’s as I do. I am excited about the new program Hope House, which reaches out to girls and families”

Elizabeth A. Perkins
Board Member, Volunteer

“I support St. Ann’s because I want to give hope to vulnerable young women and children.”


 “I landed at St. Ann's when I was four years old. At that time, my mother was emotionally ill and unable to care for me.  Tragically, she died very young because of an apartment fire in [Washington D.C.] during that time period.  I remained at St. Ann's until my maternal Grandmother and Step Dad were able to gain custody of me and raise me through my teen-aged years.  With God's Grace and my hard work, I was able to become an attorney and have been employed with the federal government for many years now.  I support the mission of St. Ann's because of its unyielding quest to assist young mothers (who are often times troubled for a variety of reasons) and their young children.”


 “I support St. Ann’s because it was my first home.”

Patricia S. 

 “I support St. Ann's every year through the CFC program because my parents adopted me through Catholic Charities from St. Ann's back in 1972.  Ever since I have worked for the government and have had the opportunity to donate through CFC, St. Ann's is on the top of my list because they helped me find my family. My sister was also adopted through Catholic Charities from St. Ann's two years later.  They made my family what it is today and I am forever grateful.”


“I support St. Ann’s in honor of my mother’s memory.  My mom, Frances McGehrin was a volunteer at St. Ann’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I have fond memories of visits to St. Ann’s with mom where we would play with the kids and sometimes go out on field trips. Many times we would go to the county library or on special occasions to Bob’s Big Boy for milkshakes.

"Mom always admired the good work of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and all of the volunteers at St. Ann’s and encouraged us to follow in her footsteps.”

Marty McGehrin