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A Minute with Sister Mary: Hope is Just Around the Corner!

February 4, 2022

February 2022: Hope is Just Around the Corner

This blog is part of a monthly reflection series from St. Ann's Center CEO, Sister Mary Bader. Find more of these reflections by visiting the archive here: A Minute With Sister Mary.

Hello from St. Ann’s Center! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

On February 1, we marked the Feast of St. Brigid, an early Irish saint known for her creative problem-solving and regarded as a patroness of women and children. I can only imagine that if St. Brigid lived in Hyattsville today, she would find unique ways to assist St. Ann’s Center’s mission!

St. Brigid’s feast comes when, it is said in Ireland, the first small signs of spring begin to emerge. So far in the D.C. region, it still looks and feels like winter. Nevertheless, spring is truly just around the corner.

The promise of spring parallels the journeys that St. Ann's Center's families take. Situations that once seemed barren (such as housing instability, financial instability, and lack of parenting support) yield to hope as families heal and mothers gain stability they had not previously known. St. Ann’s wrap-around supports allow mothers to tap into their inner strengths and resources as they plan for bright futures beyond St. Ann’s.

Over the past several weeks, four families have moved in to St. Ann’s supportive housing programs, beginning their own  journeys to stability and independence. At the same time, another family successfully transitioned this week into permanent, stable housing of their own. All these “new beginnings” inspire joy and hope for the future. We cannot wait to see what these families achieve.

Thank you for making St. Ann’s work possible. Wishing you a safe and warm February ahead.

Sister Mary Bader, CEO



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St. Ann's Center is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to lifting vulnerable children, mothers and families out of poverty and homelessness. Our innovative housing and support programs build upon a family's inherent strengths by providing the tools for life-long independence and self-sufficiency. St. Ann's serves families of all backgrounds and faith identities.

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