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A Minute With Sister Mary

The latest monthly message from Sister Mary Bader, CEO.

"Even if I tried, I could never fit all the Women’s History-makers who have impacted St. Ann’s Center in a single message! Still, I’d like to share briefly about one pioneering woman whose legacy continues to influence St. Ann’s and the families residing with us... "

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Happy New Year from St. Ann’s Center! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season. This week, I am reflecting on January as Poverty Awareness Month. This nationwide initiative exists to raise awareness and consciousness about poverty in the U.S., as well as spotlight how different communities are responding to this pervasive problem

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It is incredible how time flies. The year 2022 seems like it just began – and now it is nearly over! Yet with this ending comes the beginning of the holiday season – always a special time of year at St. Ann’s Center as resident mothers and their children bond, celebrate, and enjoy Christmastime together

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Last month, St. Ann’s Center received a visit from a former resident who had lived with us as a young child years ago. This visit was her first in decades. We had a wonderful time touring St. Ann’s, recounting her memories of being cared for here, and discussing how St. Ann’s has adapted and evolved into 2022.

At the end of our visit, she asked our staff a simple question: “How can I help?”

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You may know that we celebrated St. Ann’s Day on July 26 – our annual summer celebration with resident families, children in our Child Care Center, and St. Ann’s staff. This event – hosted here at St. Ann’s – includes fun activities and games, food and drink, and of course, ice cream. The day also offered two particularly special moments which have stayed with me over the last week.

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