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A Minute With Sister Mary: What Mother's Day Means to St. Ann's Center

May 9, 2022
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May 2022: What Mother's Day Means to St. Ann's Center

This blog is part of a monthly reflection series from St. Ann's Center CEO, Sister Mary Bader. Find more of these reflections by visiting the archive here: A Minute With Sister Mary.

Like many holidays throughout the year, Mother’s Day takes on special meaning at St. Ann’s Center. Of course, we celebrate with cards, candy, decorations, and flowers. Yet, this day signifies so much more for our mothers than a mere “thank you.”

For the mothers residing in our transitional housing programs, St. Ann’s is one step along a challenging, yet rewarding, journey to independence and stability for their families. Just as importantly, our moms are also on a journey of formulating their own identity in motherhood.

Frequently, the young women in our programs celebrate their first-ever Mother’s Day with us. For moms of older children at St. Ann’s, this may be their first Mother’s Day in a stable living environment, with the added benefit of life-enhancing supports such as our clinical and social work services.

We are keenly aware that all of the moms we serve are at critical transition points in their lives – points which will hopefully lead to new confidence, new self-esteem, and new opportunities for themselves and their children. While we celebrate their accomplishments in a special way today, we also try to keep the big picture in mind. Affirmation, encouragement, and a shared sense of hope will impact mothers' futures far beyond this holiday or the few months they may spend with us.

Recently, NBC4 Washington ran a story in which they asked one of our residents, Maria, what Mother’s Day meant to her. Maria's response was that it made her want to celebrate all the effort she puts into being a mom to her four-year-old.

Whenever someone asks about the work that St. Ann’s does, I always respond that it is our moms who do all the hard work – they are the ones sacrificing for their children, achieving their goals, and ultimately building their family’s new future.
This Mother’s Day, I hope you will join me in offering a special prayer of thanks for the moms like Maria who are indeed working so hard to provide a better life for their families.

Sister Mary Bader, CEO

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